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Ken Christopher and Sons Provides Excavation and earthwork services for driveway rebuilding and repairs, house lots clearing, septic replacement, utility excavation, building pads, culvert replacement and so much more. we offer the services through out Maine to a variety of customers varying from the small home owner to Commercial contractors whether it be a project that might take half a day to a whole summer season we are happy to provide you a service that you’ll be proud to look at for years to come!!!

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The story of how we got here today

Ken Christopher & Sons is an Excavation Earthwork company built on a grandfathers dream and a grandsons determination to grow that dream into something that any grandfather would be proud of. At the age of 10 Big Ken and his wife built cabins up north and as a result of that Little Kens Desire to play in the dirt with more than Just a tonka Truck came alive, getting the opportunity to build the facility’s roads and driveways, septic fields, building pads, Beautiful lawns and groundscapes, Recreation trails for the area and of course the beloved gardens of the Moxie road. After the facility was built Little Ken was always trying to find a way back to digging in the dirt to show his grandfather the talents from the product of his spark. Over the next 15 years ken has worked various construction company’s, government agency’s and family projects to gather enough skills to now be out doing what he loves for himself. Ken Christopher and sons is built on a foundation of Love for making earthwork Look Beautiful as a final project and something that any customer would be proud to say that they were glad the called us to make sure the Job got done right. With an absolute talent for a professional outcome with a budget in mind, we strive to make any project look as those a its a million dollar one. Ken Christopher and Sons – “Dreams built on a reputation for perfection”

Ken Christopher & Sons Construction

"Shaping the Earth Everyday to meet our customer's Needs"